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Jan. 2024

Professor Hyunwoog Seo, from the department of Energy Engineering of INJE Univsersity (Republic of Korea) and his Master students visited our laboratory.  They learned more about the fabrication process of solar cells.

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Dec. 2023


Dr. Abhishek TEWARI from the department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (Uttarakhand, India) did a short stay visit of our laboratory. He gave a seminar on "Computational study of defects in functional ceramics for renewable energy applications". 

Dec. 2023

Capture d'écran 2023-12-18 180804.png

A new review paper in Advanced Functional Materials was published: Advances in Optical Imaging and Optical Communications Based on High-Quality Halide Perovskite Photodetectors

This paper examines the impacts of perovskite film preparation process and crystallinity on the photoelectric properties of PDs and presents important observations regarding the crystallization and phase dynamics that occur during perovskite film formation. These insights have practical implications on the design and preparation of high-performance and stable metal halide perovskite photodetectors, particularly in the domains of optical communications and imaging. They offer valuable guidance for next researchers and developers seeking to improve the functionality and marketability of photodetectors using perovskite films.

Nov. 2023


We are happy to welcome our new PhD Student Jian Huang. He will work on the development of highly stable 3D and 2D perovskite solar cells.

Sept. 2023


Dr. D. Zheng and Prof. Th. Pauporté visited Prof. P. Siffalovic laboratory in Bratislava, Slovakia, to perform joint in situ GIWAXS experiments under controlled atmosphere. Prof. Th. Pauporté gave a seminar to Physics Department of the Slovak Academy of Science.

13 Sept. 2023


Prof. Th. Pauporté 

gave an invited talk at the 2023 IEEE 13th conference - Nanomaterials: Applications and Properties, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA. The talk was on the growth mechanism of 2D to 3D perovskite films.

14 Jun. 2023


A group photo sessions took place. The photo is available on the Gallery page of the website!

Jun. 2023


We are happy to welcome O. Lupan and C. Lupan in our laboratory at ChimieParisTech.

They both work on semiconducting oxide layers applied for nanosensors. They will perform some experiments in our laboratory.

19 Apr. - 23 Apr. 2023


The group carried out experiments at SOLEIL synchrotron.

The group had the great opportunity to use SOLEIL synchrotron at Saclay to perform GIWAXS measurements on perovskite layers. 

07 Apr. 2023


A new paper in Advanced Materials was published: Managing Interfacial Defects and Carriers by Synergistic Modulation of Functional Groups and Spatial Conformation for High-Performance Perovskite Photovoltaics Based on Vacuum Flash Method.

One effective interfacial defect and carrier dynamics management strategy by synergistic modulation of functional groups and spatial conformation of ammonium salt molecules is proposed. 3-APAI surface treatment in association with vacuum flash technology was used in particular and enable to obtain PSCs with an alluring peak efficiency of 24.72%.

22 Mar. 2023


We published a new research article in Nanomaterials entitled: Exploring Solar Cells Based on Lead- and Iodide-Deficient Halide Perovskite (d-HP) Thin Films.


We propose one way to reduce lead content on perosvkite solar cells while improving their stability. We optimized a new family of 3D perovskites, called d-HPs, presenting PbI+ unit vacancies inside the lattice caused by the insertion of big organic cations that do not respect the Goldschmidt tolerance factor: hydroxyethylammonium and thioethylammonium. 

28 Jan. - 2 Feb. 2023

Photo Spie.jpg

Prof. Th. Pauporté attended the SPIE Photonics Meeting at San Francisco, USA

He gaven an invited talk at the SPIE Photonic Meeting entitled "Tuning of Titanium Dioxide Surface Energy Levels by Self-Assembled Monolayers for Optoelectronic Applications" and has done presentations of perovskite solar cells and photocatalysis results obtained in the group.

04 Jan. 2023


Congratulation to Liam Gollino !

We are happy to announce that Liam Gollino has successfully defended his PhD, Wednesday, January 4th, 14h00 in amphitheater Chaudron, Chimie ParisTech.

He has presented his thesis work entilted "Development of lead- and iodide- deficient halide perovskite thin films and solar cells".


4 Dec. 2022

Graphical abstract2.png

We published a paper in Nature Communication entitled: Control of perovskite film crystallization and growth direction to target homogeneous monolithic structures.

We propose a universal typology which distinguishes three types for the growth direction of perovskite crystals: downard, upward and lateral. The latest being the targeted one for high efficiency PSCs.

13 Dec. 2022


A group photo was taken to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Even along the arrival of the new members.

9 Nov. 2022

Prof. Thierry Pauporté visited our collaborators from the J. Heyrosvky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic in the workframe of PHC Barrande Action by Campus France.

9 Nov. 2022


We are happy to welcome our new PhD Student Zihao Li. He will work on the development of highly stable 3D and 2D perovskite solar cells.

22 Oct 2022

Seminar HKU

Prof. Thierry Pauporté visited Hong Kong University & PolyU Hong Kong to exchange with Prof. Aleksandra Djurisic, Prof. Wallace Choy and Prof. Gang Li and present the team latest results.


13 Oct 2022

Graphical Abstract.png

A paper of the group on the use of Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy (GD-OES) for perovskite solar cells investigation

We review the emerging broad range of applications of the glow discharge opitcal emission spectroscopy (GD-OES) techniques in the field of perovskite solar cells (PSCs) research.

03 Oct 2022


We are happy to welcome our new PhD Student Marie Cresp. She will work on the ANR Chemsta project by developing highly stable 3D and 2D Dion-Jacobson  perovskite solar cells.

29 Jul 2022


New page on the website : the Gallery !

We added a new Gallery page to the website ! Do not hesitate to visit this page to check the pictures/photos we will post in the future

27 Jul 2022


A group photo session took place before summer holidays to make new memories. We wish everyone a good summer break !

17 Jun 2022

Angewandte NiOx ToC

Paper unveiling 23.5% NiOx-based inverted PSCs was just published in Angewandte Chemie

A precursor stabilization and defect passivation strategy was developed by employing 3-hydrazinobenzoic acid (3-HBA) as a versatile additive. The synergistic effect of −NHNH2 and −COOH suppresses oxidation of I−, deprotonation of organic cations and amine-cation reaction. The NiOx-based inverted device achieves a certified efficiency of 23.3 % with excellent operational stability

29 Mar 2022


A new PhD opportunity is available in the group ! Do not hesitate to check the PhD offer by clicking the button below.

28 Feb 2022


We are happy to welcome our new PhD Student Boxue Zhang. He will work on the development of highly stable and efficient perovskite solar cells.

03 Feb 2022

Advanced energy materials A-200.png

A new paper of the group on a perovskite solar cell of more than 22% of efficiency is published in Advanced Energy Materials

We show that ammonium chloride additive in the precursor solution governs the even depth distribution of alkali metal (IA) elements in methylammonium-free perovskites, favors the crystallinity and phase purity and induces a lateral growth of large monolithic film grains. Combined with the surface treatment by n-propylammonium iodide (PAI), it results in solar cells with high photovoltaic performances and improved stability.

08 Jan 2022

Nano energy ToC 2022.png

2022 starts with a paper in Nano Energy!

A new article explaining how do gold nanoparticles boost the performance of perovskite solar cells has been published in the Nano Energy Journal. Congratulation to Daming Zheng.


8 Dec 2021

Sami Ullah.jpg

We are happy to welcome Sami Ullah for a short stay in our group. Sami is PhD student and teacher at the University of Balochistan Quetta, Pakistan. He will work on the surface treatment of perovskite layers for efficient solar cells.

25 Nov 2021


Invited presentation at the e- Workshop « Chemistry of halide perovskites »

 Prof. Th. Pauporté has given an invited talk at the e-Workshop "Chemistry of halide perovskites" on "The Control of Perovskite Film Crystallization and Growth Direction to Target Homogeneous Monolithic Structures".


14 Oct 2021

CSC logo.png

Want to join the group as a PhD ?

 We are looking for good and motivated applicant to prepare a PhD on perovskite solar cells in our group under the supervision of Prof. Thierry Pauporté. The applicant will have to hold a master degree from a Chinese university in 2022.

The application must be sent to the ParisTech office in Shanghai (

The suggested research topic and the practical information are given in the attached document

28 Sep 2021

Nicolas MERCIER.png
Université Angers logo.png

Seminar on Halide Perovskites by Prof. N. Mercier

We have been very happy to welcome, on October 5th, Prof. Nicolas Mercier from the Angers University.

He has presented in the premises of Chimie-Paristech an exciting seminar dedicated to "Halide Perovskites: Structural versatility, synthesis and HP formation".

28 Sep 2021

PhD Defense Daming.jpeg

Congrats to Daming Zheng !

We are happy to announce that Daming Zheng has successfully defended his PhD, Tuesday, 28th September, 14h00 in amphitheater Moissan, Chimie ParisTech.

He has presented his thesis work on "Use of Perovskite Growth Additives and Chemical Composition and Interfacial Engineerings, for High Performance and Stable Solar Cells".


Congratulations to the new PSL University doctor!

27 Jul 2021

ToC Daming JMaterChem A.png

A new article by D. Zheng in J. Mater Chem. A

The roles of mixed ammonium chloride and potassium chloride additives on the growth of Cs0.1FA0.9PbI3 perovskite film is investigated along with the surface treatment by a n-propylammonium iodide solution which produces an interfacial buffer layer. The optimized perovskite solar cell reaches a stabilized power conversion efficiency over 21%.

INPI logo.jpg

23 Jul 2021

 A new patent "Synthesis of highly stable 2D/3D halide perovskite thin films" 

The PhD work by Tao Zhu has led to the patent registration FR 2107987 on July 23th, 2021. T. Zhu and Th. Pauporté are the inventors.

The patent deals with compositions of perovskite precursor solutions and preparation processes that produce highly stable perovskite layers.

ToC review Fei.jpg

23 Jul 2021

A review paper on halides and pseudohalides additives for efficient and stable perovskite solar cells was published in ChemSusChem by F. Cheng

Progresses made on the employment of halide and pseudo-halide additives in organo-metal perovskite solar cells are reviewed.

Their function in morphology adjusting, phase stabilizing, energy-level adjusting, trap state passivation and hysteresis elimination are detailed. A deep understanding of the relationship between halide/pseudohalide additive and the improved properties of perovskite solar cell is presented.

ANR logo.png

5 Jul 2021

ChemSta : A project of the group funded by the French Research Agency (ANR)

Pr. Th. Pauporté project " Chemical Engineering for the Synthesis of Highly Stable Perovskite Films Applied to

Efficient Solar Cells" (ChemSta), in collaboration with IPVF and CEA-INES has been selected for funding.

The project deals with the development of new approaches for the preparation of highly stable 3D and quasi-2D perovskite films for high efficiency solar cells. Its duration is 42 months

KRbCsFAPbI Daming.png

10 Jun 2021

Perovskite solar cells at 22.5%! 

Daming Zheng has developed new processing techniques to get dense, homogeneous, large grain mixed cation perovskite layers. The efficiency is impressive, 22.5% and the hysteresis very low. The stabilized efficiency is 22.05% It is the present record efficiency for the group. The paper is in preparation


02 Apr 2021

Presentation on perovskite solar cells by Thierry PAUPORTE at a thematic day on energy 

The professor Thierry PAUPORTE presented the perovskite solar cells and the last results of the group during a thematic day focused on the energy field organized by the doctoral school ED388.



31 Mar 2021

Strong presence of the group at the JPH 2021

During the JPH 2021, the presence of the group was significant with a total of 3 oral presentations and 1 poster.

Thanks again to the organizers of this very interesting conference.


16 Mar 2021

We are happy to welcome our new PhD Student Min LIU. He will work on the development of highly stable and efficient perovskite solar cells.

10 Mar 2021


A new article about coupled additives for highly efficient, hysteresis-free and stable CsFAPbI3 was published in the journal Solar RRL by Daming Zheng

08 Jan 2021

ToC Revue Lead-Less.png

A review paper in Solar RRL on Lead-Less Halide Perovskite Solar Cell by L. Gollino

The rise and commercialization of perovskite solar cells (PSCs) is hindered by the toxicity of lead present in the perovskites employed as the solar light absorber. To counter this problem, lead can be fully (lead-free) or partially (lead-less)

replaced by diverse elements or molecules. Liam Gollino and Thierry Pauporté have just published a review paper which summarize the various strategies employed by the scientific community to reduce the lead content in PSCs. The present achievements and the outlook of those strategies are presented and discussed.

14 Oct 2020

st gobain recherche.jpg
st gobain crystals.jpg

New patent with Saint-Gobain Recherche and Saint-Gobain Crystals


New Scintillator Materials Comprising a Doped Halide Perovskite.

Our research group collaborates with Saint-Gobain Recherche and Saint-Gobain Crystals on the growth of halide perovskite single crystals for applications as scintillator and for ionizing radiation detection. We are

happy to announce that our joint work has led to a patent registration n° FR2009338. The patent concerns the development of "New Scintillator Materials Comprising a Doped Halide Perovskite"

29 Sep 2020


Congrats to Tao Zhu !

We are happy to announce that Tao Zhu has successfully defended his PhD, Tuesday, 29th September, 14h00 in amphitheater Moissan, Chimie ParisTech.

He has presented his thesis work on "Hybrid Perovskites and Interface Engineering for the Improvement of Optoelectronic Devices".


Congratulations to the new PSL University doctor!

21 Aug 2020

News august 2020.png

Our stable Perovskite solar cells at 22.1% are published!

Two papers on our record solar cells based on FA1-xMAxPbI3 perovskite are now published. In the Solar RRL paper, we described a method for the best stabilization of FAPI cells using MACl additive...


17 Mar 2020

With the sanitary crisis caused by the virus 2019 - nCov leading to a general quarantine, staff of the laboratory and the team is in telework.

Heyrovski institute.jpg
campus france.jpg

31 Jan 2020

Pr. Th. Pauporté’s project " Graphene/Semiconductor heterojunctions for efficient photocatalytic degradation of antibiotics in wastewaters" in collaboration with Prof. Jiri Rathousky and Dr. Radek Žouželka of the J. Heyrosvky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic in Prague has been selected as a PHC Barrande Action by Campus France. This research will be supported for two years.

pekin university.png

27 Jan 2020

Pr. Th. Pauporté’s project "Chemical modifications of hybrid perovskites for the improvement of their stability and optoelectronic performances" in collaboration with Prof. Rui Zhu,  School of Physics of the Peking University, Beijing, China has been selected as an International Emerging Action by the CNRS.

Image Quentin Morelle.jpg

15 Jan 2020

We are happy to welcome Dr Quentin MORELLE. He will work in the group for 6 months as a pre-maturation engineer on the preparation of lead-deficient perovskite layers for efficient solar cells. We have co-patented with the Moltech-Anjou laboratory this new family of hybrid perovskites. This project is supported by the SATT-Ouest valorisation.


22 Jan 2020

The new glovebox of our group has been installed. This equipment is especially designed to spin coat thin film of semiconductors in a water- and oxygen-free environment. The aim is notably to produce very high quality hybrid perovskite layers for our various projects

Article Tao SAMS.png

8 Jan 2020

Congratulation to Tao Zhu and Jun Su. Their paper on the interfacial engineering by benzoic acids to reach high

efficiency solar cells (21.35%) is now published in issue in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. This work is also a nice collaboration with i-CLeHS-Paristech for the DFT part.

T. Zhu, J. Su, F. Labat, I. Ciofini, Th. Pauporté, Interfacial Engineering through Chloride-Functionalized Self-Assembled Monolayer for High Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells. ACS Appl. Mater Interfaces, 12 (2020) 744-752.

Zhijin HOU.jpg

4 Dec 2019

Welcome in our group to a new post-doc researcher – Dr Zhijin HOU. He will work on the preparation of hybrid perovskites for opto-electronic applications

Nov 2019

Perovskite solar cells at 22.2%!

Tao Zhu has developed a new processing technique to get dense, homogeneous, large grain mixed cation perovskite layers. The efficiency is impressive, 22.18% and the hysteresis very low. It is the present record efficiency for the group. The paper is in preparation.

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